Installation and support

Our company offers a full range of services for the implementation of automation systems based on 1C software products, ContReal using advanced work technologies and experience gained in automating small, medium and large enterprises.

Our experts will help to formulate a package of automation services that is optimal for your business and tasks – taking into account not only the current requirements, but also the prospects for the development of your business.

Our experience shows that the optimal solution of a company’s business tasks requires an integrated approach: from defining the company’s objectives to optimizing management processes and building an information support system, taking into account the specifics of the business.

Configuration and implementation

If your company needs to extend the functionality of a standard solution (special reports, documents are required, use unique accounting schemes, etc.), our specialists are ready to perform the adaptation (configuration) with the subsequent implementation, which includes:

  • detailed examination to determine the degree of need for customization (clarification of how certain program objects should work, description of new directories, documents, reports, posting schemes);
  • forming a task description and a list of works (technical specifications) according to the data obtained from a detailed survey, an assessment of the timing and costs of these works;
  • coding and testing – the actual configuration of the program and the mandatory testing of the functionality and performance of the new system;
  • implementation – commissioning of the system (determining the procedure for which users can switch to a new system, transfer of initial data, testing the system with real data);
  • compilation of a “User Guide” for working with the adapted system, which contains a description of the changes to the program and the procedure for working with it.

The cost of these works is determined based on the list of works, terms and other requirements of the client.

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