Accountant consulting

Changes in Moldovan legislation occur periodically. Therefore, even experienced accountants need to consult colleagues regularly. And in a small business, where accounting is run mainly by the entrepreneurs themselves, it cannot be done without a specialist’s advice.

Accounting and taxation consultations avoid problems with audit organizations, reduce business costs and optimize the accounting system.

When is it necessary to consult?

Business people, business leaders, full-time accountants need the recommendations of multidisciplinary specialists in the following situations:

  1. In the situation of registering a business. An accounting expert will tell you what form of organization you need to use, the tax and accounting system. He will explain how to keep records.
  2. In the situation of choosing payment methods with suppliers and contractors. In function of the chosen forms and the order of settlements, it depends the final profit of the enterprise. With the help of a specialist, you can choose the most profitable option.
  3. In the situation of transferring accounting to outsourcing. During the consultation, calculations are made to determine the most profitable accounting system.
  4. In the situation of restoring accounting. Accounting advice allows you to identify errors in the reporting documentation of past periods and correct those in a timely manner, which will help avoid penalties from inspection organizations.

Consultations on the accounting of legal entities play an even more important role. In this case, the specialists of “CONTAUDIT-SERVICE” LLC offer a whole series of services aimed to optimize accounting.

The benefits of accounting consulting

The help of a specialist in the accounting maintaining, find errors, or optimize an existing system results:

  • increase the company’s profits by reducing excess costs;
  • insurance of the risks associated with inspection organizations visits;
  • simplification of the used accounting and tax accounting systems.

Therefore, all professional consultants are required periodically by all business people and company administrators.

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