Business planning

You have a great idea for a new product or service, but to get a loan or a grant, to attract investors and partners, you need to describe the idea in a business plan.

A business plan is a concise, accurate, accessible and intelligible description of a proposed business, an essential tool when considering a large number of different situations, which allows you to choose the most desired result and determine the means to its realization.

A business plan is a document that allows you to manage a business, so it can be presented as an integral element of strategic planning and as a guide for execution and control. It is important to consider a business plan as the planning process itself and an internal management tool.

Our company holds a leading position in the business planning services market.

We offer a full range of business planning services:

  • Elaboration of a business plan for the development of new fields of activity, creation of new types of business, Start-Up, obtaining a loan, subsidies, loans, microloans, attracting investors
  • Business planning
  • Verbal consultation on the development of a business plan, business development
  • Analysis of the industry and of the market’s state,
  • Analysis and review of competitors, of the environment
  • Identifying the target audience of the organization
  • Feasibility study
  • Presentation of business plans
  • A business plan is a financial tool in competition for investments.

In general, business planning involves solving the strategic and tactical tasks that a company faces.

Formal planning, of course, requires effort, but offers considerable benefits:

  • makes leaders think prospectively;
  • provides a basis for effective management decisions;
  • increases the ability to provide the company with the necessary information;
  • contributes to reducing the risks of entrepreneurial activity;
  • leads to a clear coordination of the actions of all business participants;
  • allows you to anticipate the expected changes, to prepare for a sudden change in the market environment.

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