Drawing up accounting reports

Employees of “CONTAUDIT-SERVICE” LLC provide accounting and tax reporting services of any complexity. They quickly cope with all the tasks assigned to them by the client. At the same time, the cost of the company’s services is much lower than the content of a full-time accountant.

When might a reporting service be needed?

Preparing the financial reports of an enterprise is a difficult task that requires the participation of a highly qualified specialist. In order to properly prepare the necessary documents, the accountant must know in detail the current legislation, be able to use professional computer programs, understand the subtleties and nuances of accounting in enterprises with different types of activities.

Improper preparation of accounting forms leads to unpleasant consequences. Control bodies can impose fines, suspend the organization’s activity or even initiate criminal proceedings.

Reports on the organisation’s financial activities are provided to tax authorities, funds and statistical agencies.

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