Economic agents affected by drought or pandemic can receive notices justifying the impossibility of fulfilling obligations

Economic agents that have been affected by drought, pandemic or other cases of force majeure will be able to receive notices justifying the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations. This will be a test that will help them reach an agreement with the creditors.

Currently, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is drafting the Regulation for granting these opinions. According to the CCI representatives, already over 200 economic agents have shown interest in obtaining these documents.

According to the legislation, farmers who have suffered due to the drought or economic agents who have interrupted their activity due to the pandemic will be able to receive approvals.

SERGIU HAREA, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “The Chamber will examine each contract separately, each supporting document and, depending on the evidence that is, will issue this supporting opinion or refuse to issue.”

Obtaining a positive opinion it is a proof that can offer the economic agents some facilities.

 “It is a document that proves that the given company could not fulfill its obligations. It will also serve as evidence for economic agents to postpone certain payments, to postpone certain implementation periods, which will allow us to keep the business afloat, so that certain companies do not disappear. “

The regulation for issuing these opinions is to be drafted by the end of the week. Once it’s published in the Official Gazette, entrepreneurs will be able to submit the file to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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