Elaboration of the individual operating program

The ‘CONT-REAL’ system is designed to facilitate the work of an accountant and therefore it is assumed that a person familiar with accounting works with the program, and not necessarily a professional in the field of computer communication.

A set of programs will start to help you from the stage of creating accounting records (the main focus is on the quick and correct preparation of records), which will allow you to get rid of many errors related to information coding. A well-developed system of assistance and control of input information will allow you to get rid of many routine operations (checking correspondence, taxation, etc.) and without problems to withdraw the balance at the end of the reporting period.

If, however, an error has entered the primary documents (due to an inaccurate system installation!), “CONT-REAL” will check all records for the working interval and report which task and posting is incorrect. Further – after you, after correcting the errors, “CONT-REAL” will continue its activity on the formation of statements and summary of accounting results (balance sheet, balances, etc.). The system allows you to initially view any sheet on the computer display and, if desired, print it on a printer.

The complex is a central control nucleus and a relatively unrelated number of subsystems (tasks). The core of the system includes various directories (chart of accounts, director of departments, director of financially responsible persons and others), management programs and a library of service functions that support the operation of the subsystems. Subsystems (tasks) collect primary information, systematize and process, generate declarations, etc. The following is a list of subsystems:

   – cash transaction accounting;

   – accounting of banking operations;

   – fixed assets accounting;

   – production cost accounting;

   – settlement accounting;

   – accounting in trade (amount, amount method);

   – accounting of inventory items;

   – salary accounting.

The list of subsystems depends on the ordered configuration and may include an arbitrary number of subsystems. The “CONT-REAL” system is open and can be supplemented with the subsystems you need.

The complex includes a developed tool called “Document Selection”, which is an additional opportunity to search, sort, form different individual forms, as well as a tool for finding and fixing all types of errors.

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