Financial activity analysis

Financial analysis as a consulting service is one of the key tools designed to assess the state and effectiveness of using the economic potential of the organization, as well as making managerial decisions on optimizing its activities. Based on the results of the financial analysis, it is possible to determine how the growth factors increase the value of the business and to identify the existing risks and threats that arise during the implementation of financial and economic activities.

The core business includes such analytical procedures as:

      1. structural analysis:

       • analysis of the balance sheet structure;

       • asset structure analysis;

       • analysis of funding sources;

       2. deterministic analysis:

       • factor analysis;

       • analysis by lines of activity;

       3. regulatory analysis:

       • analysis of compliance with generally recognized standards;

       • analysis of compliance with the budget plan;

       4. analysis of the coefficient:

       • liquidity analysis;

       • analysis of financial stability;

       • profitability analysis;

       • analysis of business activity;

       • solvency analysis.

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