Lines of activity

The audit company “CONTAUDIT-SERVICE” LLC offers you accounting and audit services on the financial statements in accordance with the International Auditing Standards approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova and the Law on auditing the financial statements no.271 of 15.12.2017 with subsequent amendments and completions, and ensures the provision of the complex set of services at the highest quality.

Complex system of collection, identification, grouping, processing, registration, generalization of accounting and financial reporting elements. This includes a wide range of accounting services, starting from the processing and systematization of primary documents and ending with the preparation and presentation of reports in the fiscal and statistical authorities, as well as the compulsory social insurance fund.

All the company’s auditors have competencies in the field of International Standards on Auditing (ISA), National Accounting Standards in force since January 1, 2014.

The Audit Company “CONTAUDIT-SERVICE” LLC offers to the economic agents the following spectrum of services:

  1. Quarterly audit verification with the release of audit conclusions;
  2. Confirmation of financial statements with the issuance of the audit report;
  3. Tax audit;
  4. Assistance in the correct calculation of taxes, their planning and optimization;
  5. Elaboration of the practical recommendations necessary for the fulfillment of the Declaration regarding the income tax VEN12, taking into consideration the specifics of each enterprise;
  6. Support in the process of elaborating the accounting policies in accordance with the National Accounting Standards;
  7. Detailed analysis of the factors that influence the economic-financial activity of the enterprise;
  8. Audit evaluation and transaction planning;
  9. Elaboration of the accounting policy;
  10.  Preparation of financial reports and tax declarations;
  11.  Keeping automated accounting records, preparing financial and fiscal reports and presenting them to the competent state bodies;
  12.  Restoration and optimization of accounting records;
  13.  Accounting, tax consultations;
  14.  Confirmation of the statutory capital of the enterprise;
  15.  Defending the client’s interests in litigations with tax authorities;
  16.  Accounting records automation;
  17.  Performing of the judicial expertise report.

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