Statutory audit

The company, which decided to order a statutory audit of the annual reporting within “CONTAUDIT-SERVICE” LLC, receives a complete service.

The company’s specialists analyze:

  • The financial statements of the entity and the maintenance of accounting records;
  • Financial performance, cash and capital flow reports;
  • Other documents related to financial accounting.

Based on the audit results, an audit report is prepared in accordance with the ISA and the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of  Moldova. In addition, the client receives a written report on the submitted work.

The cost of a statutory audit, from the audit group “CONTAUDIT-SERVICE” LLC, is calculated individually for each client.

Prices are set according to:

  • Annual turnover, volume of operations, status of document flow and reporting;
  • The field of activity of the enterprise and its legal form;
  • Number of employees;
  • The tax system;
  • Availability of foreign trade activities and branches;
  • Client requests.

The cost of services also increases if the audit needs to be carried out in urgent way.

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