Tax consulting

The “CONTAUDIT-SERVICE” LLC team offers tax consultations for your business, in order to optimize taxes and duties according to the legislation in force. Take advantage of the vast experience of our specialists and obtain advantageous solutions that will reduce total costs and ensure your business continuity.

We offer Tax Consultancy in the fields:

• Preparation of tax returns;

• Calculation of taxes and fees;

• Assistance in the verifications performed by the tax authorities;

• Tax advice, etc.

The help of specialists in the field of tax accounting is necessary for all business people, regardless of the form of ownership of the company and the extent of its activities. At the beginning of the organization’s activity, consulting a specialist in this field helps you to:

  • determine the appropriate organizational form of the enterprise;
  • choose the appropriate tax system;
  • organizes accounting documents.

In the business process, tax legal advice is required to:

  • identify and eliminate errors in the existing accounting system;
  • optimize of the fiscal system;
  • tax deductions and benefits.

The benefits of tax advice

You save money and time. In order to understand the specifics of the legislation and not to spend the company’s budget on hiring a general attorney, you should seek the advice of a highly qualified specialist.

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