The best paid jobs registered at ANOFM. A company from Cahul offers a salary of 50 thousand lei

The highest paid vacancy declared at the National Agency for Employment is for the position of production manager at the Swiss company Danube Oil Company SRL, which operates in Cahul district, Giurgiulesti village.

A person with experience in the field of oil extraction and knows English at an advanced level could earn 50 thousand lei with this job. 

The next two well-paid jobs are for the positions of programmers at Pentalog Chi SRL. An offer of 30 thousand lei is available. 

Two positions of excavator drivers in Chisinau with a salary of 14-20 thousand lei are also one of the well-paid jobs. 

Between 12 and 18 thousand lei could be earned by the most skilled stonemason who wants to work in Chisinau and has work experience in masonry and brick works.

At the same time, the Agency mentions that several employers declare vacancies with salaries of 8-10 thousand for the positions of welders, seamstresses, accountants, drivers, cooks, doctors, etc.

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