The elaboration of a development strategy

The development and the implementation of the company’s strategy and of its business units, which allows the realization of the maximum potential, more efficient competition and offers sustainable competitive advantages. First, we focus on core assets and core business units, with additional unbiased assessments of related areas. All this work is done taking into account all the important aspects for implementing the recommendations to ensure that our customers can quickly turn plans into tangible results.

Only an organization that constantly adheres to a clear strategy, builds a distinctive production system and organizational potential accordingly, and promotes goods and services that are successfully developed within this system, is able to confidently outperform its competitors and achieve sustainable development.


It is an integral part of the company’s strategic plan. It usually has deeper details and a shorter planning horizon. Our main objective in development is to evaluate and ensure the participation of various functional services in the efficient implementation of corporate and business plans. To do this, we develop clear instructions and procedures for managers and specialists responsible for implementing annual plans. The main functional disciplines, which are our specialization, in which unique experience will be used and world best practices will be applied:

  • Operational consulting, in which we will develop efficient approaches to production and marketing planning, we will introduce weak manufacturing technologies (Lean, Six Sigma, etc.), quality control systems and performance monitoring using management panels, as well as optimization business processes;
  • Enterprise inventory management;
  • The organization’s procurement system;
  • Human resources management;

In addition, during the anti-crisis consultancy, we will prepare a comprehensive recovery plan for the company, including, if necessary, the full list of the above-mentioned work on multi-level strategic planning.

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